Pre-Star Program

The Pre-Star Program (Pre-Star) is a program that serves as a
transition between CanSkate and STARSkate. This program offers the perfect blend
of a dynamic group program along with an introduction to the sport of figure skating.
It is geared to skaters who show an interest in figure skating and have a basic skating
background. Skaters are typically on CanSkate Stage 4 badge or have been recommended
by coaches to move up. Pre-Star provides both parents and skaters an opportunity to be
introduced to figure skating in a group lesson format. There will be an emphasis on edge
quality and stroking in this program.

In this program, skaters will continue to complete their CanSkate levels dring their Pre-Star CanSkate session, as well as be
introduced to all disciplines of figure skating in their Pre-Star enrichment class. The goal is to have the skaters pass
Level 4 by the end of the first year and Level 5 by the end of the second year. These are
the general goals; however, each skater is different and factors such as the frequency and
duration of lessons attended will impact how quickly skaters will attain these goals.
In the Introductory program coaches will monitor progress on an ongoing basis. Ribbons and
badges will be given out as they are earned. Report cards will be completed in December
and March. However, skaters are instructed on what they should focus on to complete their
level throughout the season. When a skater is ready for the STARSkate program the skater
and parent will be advised. Please refer to the STARSkate section for more information.

Program Structure

The Pre-Star program includes an enrichment class for those registered in the Pre-Star are provided within group lessons in a low ratio format by a
certified coach. Coaching fees are included in the registration fees. There are 20 minutes
of group lessons. The coaches will focus on introducing skaters to all the disciplines of figure skating including stroking, dance, skills and freeskate.

Note: Parents may opt to arrange private lessons for their skater to occur before their group
session by purchasing the Pre-Star Private lesson package.  For this package a
minimum of 15 minutes with a private coach is required. Please note private lesson fees are
not included in the skater’s registration fee and will be billed to the student directly by
their private coach. See how to choose a base coach in our MSC Handbook Final.pdf.

Clothing for Pre-Star Program

Proper clothing is required for all MSC programs.

  • For Pre-Star, we encourage skaters to wear a pair of warm pants and a sweater or jacket (preferably without a hood)
  • Gloves or mitts should also be worn for warmth and safety (this is usually the first body part to feel the cold). Mitts keep hands warmer for skaters.
  • Long scarves / hoods and large hats should be avoided, as they can be dangerous.
  • It is recommended that skaters in the introductory program wear figure skates. 
  • CSA Approved Hockey Helmets are mandatory until Stage 5 is passed.

Note: bicycle or ski helmets do not cover the full skull and the skater will not be permitted on the ice if wearing this type of helmet.