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Program Assistants (PAs)

Program Assistants are a vital component of any successful Learn to Skate Program. Metcalfe Skating Club uses them on both their Parent & Tot and Canskate sessions to assist the Skate Canada coaches in the delivery of the program.

Role of a PA

The Role of a PA is to:

  • Demonstrate skills
  • Help lead warm-up, group activity and cool-down
  • Help skaters on and off of the ice
  • Help set up the ice and clean up
  • Watch for safety of all skaters on the ice (holes, skate laces, etc)
  • Lead your group from station to station
  • Assist coach during the lesson
  • Assist any skater who needs help
  • Record group attendance
  • Encourage skaters!

Requirements to be a PA

To be a successful PA, the skater should demonstrate the following personal characteristics:

  • Patience
  • Good communicator and demonstrator
  • Enthusiastic
  • Team Player
  • Good Role Model
  • Punctual
  • Reliable
  • Prepared and Organized
  • Able to lead groups, encourage skaters, offer praise
  • Able to keep skaters moving while having fun

Additional Qualifications

In addition to the above personal characteristics, skaters taking on the role of a PA should also ideally meet the following qualifications

  • Be at least 9 years of age
  • Figure Skaters: Passed a minimum of one STAR 1 or higher level Skate Canada test (Preliminary). 
  • Hockey/Ringette Players: Be comfortable demonstrating forwards and backwards skating skills, stopping, edgework, 1 and 2 foot turning and basic 1 or 2 foot jumps forwards to backwards.

If your skater does not meet the above qualifications but is still interested in becoming a PA, please contact Canskate coordinator Amy at