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In the STARSkate program the skaters will continue to work on their CanSkate badges and have the opportunity to learn more advanced figure skating techniques.

The STAR in STARSkate stands for: Skills, Tests, Achievement, and Recognition. Our experienced coaching team creates an individualized plan for each skater to ensure they are challenged to reach their full potential as a skater, set and attain personal goals, and have fun. The MSC’s STARSkate program offers opportunities for skaters to develop more advanced figure skating techniques in three disciplines; namely Freestyle, Ice Dance and Skating Skills, with the option of taking Skate Canada sanctioned [and evaluated] tests in each of these disciplines.

Each of these disciplines is divided into three levels; junior, intermediate and senior.

Program Structure

Why are all 3 disciplines important?

The learning of all three of these disciplines is important because each discipline has specific basic skills that must be mastered in order to advance to the next (higher) level. All of these skills and elements assist the skater to improve their ability in every aspect of this sport. It is important to understand the disciplines and the terms so you can discuss your child’s progress and determine the best session to place them in.

Freeskate: incorporates jumps, spins, field moves, footwork and individual programs to music. Skaters can test and compete in this discipline at a variety of levels. This session is not considered free time but is a session where the skater practices the above elements.

Interpretive: is a part of the freeskate discipline that incorporates an individual program where the main focus is on the interpretation of the music and quality of the skating rather than specific jumps or spins. Skaters can both test and compete at a variety of levels in this discipline ranging from Introductory, Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Levels: Star 1 to 5, Senior Bronze, Junior Silver,  Senior Silver & Gold for testing

Levels: Star 1-10 & Gold for competition

Ice Dance: incorporates posture, timing, stroking, edges and turns, and has the skaters learn patterns to music. This discipline requires skaters to dance in partnership with another skater. Usually a male dance partner if one is available. Skaters can compete and test in this discipline at a variety of levels including the new Solo Dance option in competition where a skater performs the compulsory dances on their own rather than in a team.

Levels: Star 1-5, Senior Bronze, Junior Silver, Senior Silver, Gold, Diamond

Skating Skills: incorporates the learning of required patterns, including edges, turns and stroking. Music is optional for this discipline. Skaters can test in this discipline and compete at a variety of levels. As the skater gets into the higher levels the Triathlon event is an option where the skater completes 3 programs, 1 freeskate, 1 skill and 1 interpretive program. Please speak to your coach for more information.

Levels:Star 1-5, Senior Bronze, Junior Silver, Senior Silver, Gold

Low Ratio Group lessons:

This add on to a StarSkate registration provides 15 minutes of group coaching to skaters during their StarSkate ice time. This lesson is taught by an assigned Metcalfe coach and will focus on technqiues to assist the skaters in reaching their season goals as identified by our coaching staff. Group lessons are a fun and affordable way to provide our skaters with more lesson time where they can learn with their peer group.



Group stroking lessons are provided on many of our sessions. This group class provides skaters with the opportunity to work on their skating technique and improve their edges, turns, flexibility, agility and speed. We highly recommend all our skaters participate in as many stroking sessions as possible.

Note: A skater, whether moving from Pre-Star into STARSkate or a skater who is already in the STARSkate program, should approach the coach or coaches they wish to work with next season at the end of the current season to inquire as to their availability to ensure a spot is available. Many coaches do their estimated winter private lesson schedules in the spring for the next season. See our MSC Handbook on how to choose a base coach who will assist you in booking supplementary coaches.