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Starskate Testing Information

There are 2 streams of testing for our Starskaters:

  1. Star 1-5 Tests for Skills, Dance & Freeskate - coach evaluated - during regular sessions - starting September 1, 2017
  2. Senior Bronze, Junior Silver, Senior Silver & Gold Tests for Skills, Dance & Freeskate - judge evaluated at Test Day 


Star 1-5 Testing:

The new Star 1-5 Testing System will be launched across Canada starting in September 2017.

The new system will:

  1. Remove roadblocks to skater development by:
    • Testing skaters during their regular sessions and lesson time
    • With the exception of some of the higher tests in Star 5
  2. Allow for testing during any session throughout the year
    • This will allow for more testing opportunities at a lower cost
  3. Create a better transition from CanSkate to StarSkate by creating new test levels that will allow for better development of skating skills for all disciplines
  4. Provides more feedback and evaluation opportunities for skaters at the starting level of StarSkate.
  5. Provides for development of skills earlier so that mastery of skills will be achieved earlier
  6. Allows for testing and feedback at each level of development of a skill from the beginner stages to mastery
  7. Test all 3 disciplines
    • Dance
      • Dances can be tested solo, shadow beside a partner or in a traditional partnered test
    • Skating Skills & Stroking
    • Freeskate – Elements & Programs depending on the level
  8. Will have coach assessed tests creating a comfortable environment for the skater to begin their StarSkate testing.


Senior Bronze and above testing:

These levels of tests will continue to be evaluated at formal test days by a Skate Canada Evaluator with all the applicable costs for ice time, hospitality, test fees etc.